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Branch has proof that David Ridges is alive, and Longmire connects him to Jacob Nighthorse. Meanwhile, Sean makes Longmire serve divorce papers to Vic, and Henry faces another setback related to his trial.
… and no I am not talking about the running plot arc where the &quot;Branch&quot; character goes dark, I am talking about the home viewer who has come to cherish this show over the past two seasons and suddenly, without rhyme or reason, realizes that every single attribute which made this show so special has been tossed in the trash, as the producers seek the &quot;big ratings finish&quot; which will, when the series is moved to syndication and DVD, keep them in clover for the rest of their days.<br/><br/>Is there any industry left that, at the end of the day, is moved by something other than maximizing profit? Gee, I guess not. Silly me. This is not the first show to sell out its principles for the hi-octane finish nor will it be the last. Look at JUSTIFIED, a parallel series that actually decided to break its final two seasons into one continuous arc, with constant cliff-hangers, for the very same reason – to goose ratings.<br/><br/>Anyway, in this next-to-last episode of the year, not only will the viewer be deprived anything resembling what has been the substance of the &quot;Walt Longmire Mysteries,&quot; but in fact the horrified viewer will get to see every single character in the series deconstruct himself or herself – Branch goes mad; Vic gets blindsided by her own marriage; Ferg gets whiny and then lets himself be bullied; Henry makes a really big bet on a hunch and loses; and Walt allows himself to be lured into a trap and then, seemingly, forgets how to shoot a pistol.<br/><br/>This episode is even more unsatisfying than POPULATION 25, which is saying a bunch. It should come with antidepressants.

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