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Two G-Men, returning from hell, must perform good deeds to save themselves from a doomed fate.
Dean Crept and Mike Mattress are two government agents, 'G-men' whom are murdered in an ambush and sent straight to the hot and fiery realm of hell. Dean and Mike manage to escape using a magical dimension traveling crystal to land them back on Earth where they decide to open their own private investigating service, with some stolen money from their killer Buster Lloyd, and soon land a fashionable office space with an attractive and loyal secretary-of-all-trades named Marete. Dean and Mike's first job is to help a mysterious femme fatal named Gloria Lake who fears her wealthy husband is plotting to swindle out of her inheritance. But before that can happen, the husband is murdered, and Dean and Mike are the suspects. With a relentless police detective tailing them, Dean and Mike try to solve the case, while dealing with the Devil's agent who follows them up from hell to bring them back within 46 hours.
Two G-Men (William Forsythe and Tate Donovan), returning from hell, must perform good deeds to save themselves from a doomed fate.<br/><br/>This film has been generally panned, and I can understand why. The filming is a bit odd and the plot is a bit of a mess (but just a bit – it is still coherent). But the problem really stems from being adapted from a Mike Allred comic – how do you stay true to a comic without coming across cheesy? That is hard to pull off, and quite often it backfires. This time, I actually think it went okay.<br/><br/>The strength is in all the great actors – Bobcat, Zach Galligan, Gary Busey and even Robert Goulet as Satan himself. With that much personality in one movie, it is guaranteed to be worth watching, even if the sum is not greater than its parts.
I&#39;m the producer of G-MEN FROM HELL - and I pulled together a cast of talented comedians including Charles Fleischer (the voice of Roger Rabbit), Paul Rodriguez, Bobcat Goldthwait, as well as Robert Goulet as the Devil, and many others - to create the zaniest live-action adaptation of a comic book ever. I think my talented crew succeeded (I hired Nick Cage&#39;s brother, Chris Coppola, to direct – his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola - and after seeing the film, you can decide if filmaking talent is inherited). The film looks like Warren Beatty&#39;s DICK TRACY, but the story is far more bizarre (it&#39;s PG-13). It&#39;s not MEN IN BLACK, the budget is much less, but the cast and crew really cared about the project and gave 115%. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

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